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Digital Signage In Financial Institutions And Banks!

With an advancement in latest technology and competition in the financial sector the demand and expectation of the customers have risen gradually. There is digital signage solution in the banking and financial institutions that enables you to attract customers and engage them in the best possible ways. The banks and financial institutions can leverage digital signage for effective communication with customers and employees. Nowadays, digital signage is found at almost every public space from restaurants, airports, retail stores, malls to banks. Effective digital signage helps banks branches in different ways and serves the very purpose of meeting the customers demands. It has become very crucial for the banks to introduce digital signage in order to achieve success in modern digital age.

In the following blog, we shall discuss the digital signage in banks and why it is so important to have digital signage in the financial industry and how to use digital signage in the banks.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic signage that uses the latest technologies such as the LED screens and LCD monitors that displays the digital content. These digital signage are different from the printed signage as it incurs less cost and can be updated from time to time. It can be used for providing any public information, internal communication and for sharing any product information. Any such important information is displayed digitally to enhance the customer service, promotions and to create brand awareness. Digital signage system works by delivering and displaying content in the form of digital images, video, streaming and information. The displayed content can be edited and scheduled in the content management system (CMS). The data is stored in the CMS and distributed to the media players.

Digital Signage In Banks

Digital signage is an electronic signage that uses technologies such as LCD monitors, LED screens and projections to display your digital content. The digital signage displays the restaurant menus, web pages, videos, digital images, text, animation, graphics etc. Digital signage for financial institutions and banks provides means to entertain and inform customers that reinforces sense of community, loyalty and trust in the bank. It has been noticed that when there is a digital signage in the banks or financial institutions then it helps them to gain more number of customers and retain almost 87% of old customers. This enhances the bank and customer experience.

Why is Digital Signage So Crucial in the Financial Industry?

  1. Branding
    An electronic or digital signage is very important in the financial sector or banks. The banks requires consistent and robust branding which is only possible when the digital signage are introduced for branded content that helps the banks to build loyalty with customers. When a bank requires to play the same content on the different screens in several branches that can deliver the same branded information. The same branded information is spread across all over the different branches at once. The information is spread with a consistent branding through a digital signage. All the banks can display information directly from their social media channels or websites. The displayed content is visually attractive that easily grabs the attention of the customers that generates the interest.
  2. Build Relationships
    A huge part of long term success in the financial industry is the way you connect to people and build relationships. Building a long term standing relationship with customers increases the loyalty, brand name and reputation. Digital signage helps in improving the customer experience that increase the brand awareness. When you incorporate helpful content the customers can perceive it to be helpful and attentive.
  3. Communication
    Digital signage is considered as very important as it results in a great customer experience. It helps in making the banks communicate in a much effective way. The digital signage facilitates the internal communication and corporate training process. The banks can display training information, critical policy updates, reporting details and other information and signs for employees. The digital signage in the banks helps in building the communication channels by distributing content all over the time zones and varied regions. Digital signage shall help you to share any merged information with the other financial systems.
  4. Improved In-Branch Experience
    The banks or financial institutions have many financial operations that has moved online that ensures the customer experience looks different. The banks with customers can use interactive screens and delivers the digital signage solutions. This digital signs helps in moving the queues faster in banks as people do not have to wait for long. The digital signs keeps the line moving faster and reduces the perceived waiting time. When the customers have to wait less in the banks waiting line it definitely creates a better customer experience.
    Digital signage aligns the on-site experience with the digital one. Whenever the customers requires any information they feel much comfortable when they get an easy access to digital screens. The electronic signs shares the required and helpful information that includes the personal finance, banking tips, loans, updates, mobile banking, expected waiting time, lunch break etc.
    The touchscreens or interactive screens that shows that how banks can leverage digital signage to improve the overall customer experience. The touch screens facilitate self-service for simple tasks, which many customers crave. Overall, the touch screens help to reduce the strain on workers as well.
  5. Up Sales
    The major benefit of digital signage for banks is the ability to upsell. Banks can use digital signs for advertising their services to the current and potential customers. The best way to up-sell can be done while waiting in line. When the customers are waiting in line for their turn and this particular time can be used for advertising relevant services with digital signs. The screens can even display information related to different products and services and combine it with compelling and colorful pictures and graphics. This shall draw the attention of the customers towards your services and products.
  6. Attract New Customers
    The digital signs can attract new customers for your bank. By placing signs in the public views the banks can attract even the passers-by or walking or driving customers. The displays can be kept in the public view spaces that is more engaging and effective. When you are looking to attract the new customers you can even put up engaging videos. The video animations and other moving pictures easily catches the attention of the people.
  7. Reduce Marketing Overhead
    Digital signage in the banks and financial institutions is a great way to reduce the overhead cost of marketing. Since marketing and advertising is a very expensive thing for any organization. It gets very difficult to afford the notoriously expensive procedure of marketing your products and services. The digital signage is known as an electronic signage that can easily be updated from time to time with the changing needs of business and clients. While in a printed signage if any changes needs to be done it would be a very expensive process. An electronic signage requires very few people to manage the digital content and also it can be created at any location and shared across the multiple signs and branches.
  8. Provide Better In-Branch Experiences with Digital Signage
    The digital signs engages customers, enhances loyalty and helps in improving bank operations. This shall help you to reimagine the branch experience with digital signage. With the help of the digital signage services, your bank can create powerful connections with your customers in your branch.
  9. Streamline Operations
    Digital signage boosts up the spreading up of information across same and different bank branches. Moving images, videos, attractive graphics, text images definitely impacts the banks operational functions. The digital signage allows for easy updates and changes in the digital content and is comparatively less expensive than printing signage. If there is an update in information then that can be done in few moments on the digital signage platform. This shall help the banks to save time and resources. This shall streamline operational efficiency while improving the customer experience.

How To Make Utmost Use Of Digital Signage In Banks?

Research has shown that digital signage captures more number of views in comparison to physical signage. Starting from the service counter to the back office the bank digital signage enhances your clients experience. These are the following ways through which you can maximize the impact of your digital signage :-

  1. Entertain Clients While They Wait
    We know that in banks there are always waiting queues where standing customers gets bored. The digital signage can be used for communication purpose with the clients while they wait to be served. The bank signage presents an opportunity to connect with your customers. Any type of information and financial services can be displayed and promoted to customers through digital signage. You can display any entertaining content on the digital signage while the clients wait.
  2. Plan And Schedule Bank Signage Content
    Digital signage used in the banks displays digital content that can be scheduled in advance with the scheduling features. Content scheduling lets you plan content and schedule it in advance. Content can get easily updated without having to worry anything. It requires just one staff to plan and schedule the content which definitely reduces the cost of signage.
  3. Boost Efficiency and Connect with Customers Better
    Changing and updating information on the physical signage is very difficult and also very expensive. While updating information on digital signage is quick, easy and enables you to market new services whenever you want. An engaging content on digital signage can easily boost efficiency and enable you to connect better with customers. Making most out of the digital signage helps you to first save time and resource that enables you to focus on your clients needs to provide them excellent customer experience.
  4. Enhances Internal Communication
    An effective internal communication shall keep your staff well connected to the bank and keep them much aligned to their goals. When the weekly goals, reports and performance are displayed on the digital display screens inside the banks it motivates all employees. The digital signage promotes an effective collaboration between the different departments. It enhances performance and boosts morale and employee satisfaction. All these information can be updated in real time so that you can display any information or specific content to the specific clients at any time.
  5. Create a Unique Brand Experience
    The banks can use attractive and modern vibrant designs, graphics and animations in their digitally displayed content. This shall make your content more attractive and also give clients more time to invest in your material. This shall build trust, confidence and loyalty in the existing customers. Such digital signage boosts brand awareness at an exorbitant rate. This shall help you to make a strong brand image that shall make your service more attractive to buy.

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