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Digital Signage In Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics!

The digital signage is at a greater demand in the healthcare industry that caters to a large audience. The hospital digital signage is used for any internal communication amongst the medical staff. It helps the patients to receive any health related information or health reports from their respective doctors or physicians. Digital screens in the hospitals facilitates the functioning in the organization. The environment and schedule inside the hospital are usually very hectic, busy and complex which requires the usage of digital signage. This improves the overall work culture in the hospitals and health clinics.

Keep reading this blog further to understand what is digital signage, the benefits of digital signage in the hospitals, places in the hospital where the digital signage can be used inside the hospital.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a combination of both technology and visuals that uses the digital technologies like the LCD screens, LED projectors which is used for displaying promotional content. It is a very effective tool for displaying the important messages in relation to the promotional offers. It is the most appropriate tool for building the brand loyalty and enhancing the customer experience. This increases the productivity level in the staff and improved customer behavior.

Digital signage has taken over all the major industries like retail, healthcare, restaurants, hotel, offices, education etc.

Places To Display Digital Signage for Hospitals 

1) Reception

The people making regular visits to the hospital or health clinics are usually seen worried and to calm down their mood many health driven messages can be displayed on the screens. The success stories of the former patients can be displayed on the digital displays which shall change the mood of the person. Your hospital can also display the recovery rate of the patients and other crucial numbers to ensure the patients that they have chosen the right hospital which shall provide them with best treatment.

The reception area is one of the most important area inside the hospital or clinic as it has digital display screen which plays entertaining content and information while the patients wait for their turn. It also displays the reviews and testimonials from the different sources. The patients will feel at ease while getting their treatment done at the hospital. This provides an assurance to the patients that their health will be definitely be taken care of.

2) Waiting Room

The waiting room in the hospitals are the most crucial area in the hospital where the patients wait for their turn. The anxiety level is high in this are which requires some form of distraction of minds and that is only possible by grabbing their attention towards the digital screens. Using digital screens in the waiting areas or zone can keep the patients entertained for long that shall make the waiting time less frustrating. The news, weather updates or other health related interesting informational videos can be played on the screens.

Any updates on diseases, health tips, hygiene, exercise benefits, health awareness and food habits related videos can easily distract the visitors and spread health related information. The social media presence of the hospital shall be helpful as the patients can be tagged to their posts and displayed on screen to instill confidence in them.

3) Hospital Lobby

The lobby is another place in hospitals or clinic where a digital screen should be placed as it displays promotional content. Some of the content which can be displayed on the digital screens are blood donation camps, details about the hospital staff, infrastructure details, health awareness drives and other health promotional campaigns etc. Any inspirational health quotes or motivating quotes can be displayed in the lobby area that can raise awareness among the patients and make them feel valued and better.

4) Staff Cabin

The employee or staff communication is considered very important at the workplace. This can spread the information or share the real time updates. The Hospital digital signage has information related to the staff scheduling, emergency cases, security guidelines and staff meetings. These digital signage are placed in such a way so that it can directly address the staff specific areas. This also shows the staff schedules or their availability in case of any emergency situation.

5) Hospital Cafeteria

The patients while waiting for their appointment for long sometimes feel bored and even hungry. Such hospitals have food cafeterias which can display digital food menus along with pricing and combo deals. The social wall can be used to display the different food items according to the dietary needs and food resistance or allergies of the patients. It can show the amount of protein, calories and carbs or any allergic dairy product. This shall help the patients to make informed health choices. Such hospital signage can be used for displaying pictures of the different areas of the hospital.

6) Emergency Department

The emergency department room is a very crucial place which is complex and have very complicated structure. The tasks that are performed inside emergency unit needs to be performed with efficiency, flawlessly and quickly. All the relevant information related to the surgery procedures, timing, number of surgeons, doctors, nurses and other staff members who are going to be present. The relevant data, updates, and facts are all displayed on the digital screens. It increases the productivity and efficiency level in the team and amongst the staff.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Hospitals

1) Easy Navigation

The digital signage helps the patients or visitors to easily find their way out without any help in case of any emergency. This reduces the tension or stress of the patients and their families. Since the hospital premises have sometimes many buildings, floors or rooms it gets confusing to locate the place the visitor wants to go. With the help of the digital maps in the healthcare industry it has facilitated the lives of the patients and visitors as they can easily track the place they wan to go. This also helps the hospital staff from extra burden of guiding ways to the visitors as they are usually busy in their work schedules and attending meeting with the doctors.

2) Promote your services

Digital signage in the hospitals and clinics displays the health services, facilities, health staff members and membership plans. Any upcoming events, donation camps, charity work, recognitions, rewards and contributions can be regularly updated on screen. The screens can also be used for showcasing the number of operations that has been performed previously in the hospital. It instills a faith in the patients that they shall be given the best medical treatment and surgical operation.

3) Increased Engagement

Digital signage for hospitals is used for effectively building connection and communication channel with your audience. The screens can be used effectively to increase health awareness and wellness. You can utilize this for spreading awareness on health and important healthcare information. Any healthcare benefits, medical insurance or other important financial assistance related information can be displayed on the screens. When the people are informed and provided information about the scheduled appointments through the screens it reduces their nervousness and increase confidence in the service. This highly benefits the hospital because it effectively engages the people.

4) Overall Improved Experience

The digital signage in the hospitals improves the overall experience of people visiting the hospital. It easily reduces the stress levels and keeps the people entertained at the same time. It promotes a very balanced work culture and boosts an overall experience of the people who are regularly visiting the hospital.

5) Enhanced Internal Communication

The digital displays effectively displays the relevant information regarding change in policies, procedures, additional policies or emergency cases etc. Digital signage gives important information of the employees to the patients who are in queue to get the appointments. This encourages better coordination and understanding between the patients and the staff members.

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