Escreen software for using in office

Seamlessly communicate in your organization by using real-time analytics and dashboards on Escreen to inform your employees.

Digital Signage Solution For Offices

Digital signage solution for offices improves team communication, collaboration and high employee satisfaction with and making the offices smarter, more productive and increasing creativity of employees.

Digital signage solution for Office Benefits

Effective Team Building

This ensures effective communication within a team and collaboration at work which helps in achieving milestone together. Promotes social events and gatherings. By displaying important announcements, recognition of team achievements, and upcoming events, digital signage fosters a sense of community and unity among team members.

Staff Improved Performance

Sharing new information on screen sparking conversation between employees and across departments engaging debates and discussions. Helps in improving the staff performance. These solutions enable the seamless dissemination of essential information, such as key performance indicators, real-time updates, and productivity metrics, thus keeping employees informed.

Entertainment at Work

Apart from relevant information the screens keeps getting updated with entertainment content. Employees remain hooked and engaged in work for longer hours. Digital Signage solution for offices can showcase a variety of content such as company news, industry updates, and even entertaining videos or slideshows, serving as a source of relaxation and diversion for employees during breaks.

Improved Office Management

With display screens in every corner where it is required makes the organizational process an easy and manageable task. These solutions can display important announcements, meeting schedules, and wayfinding information,

These solutions can display important announcements, meeting schedules, and wayfinding information.

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