• Display Food Menu on Digital Screen!

    Escreen digital signage solution can engage your valuable customers with attractive food images and videos offering them a great dining experience.

    All this can be managed remotely.

  • Expand The Scope Of Digital Signage

    Digital Signage in Transportation creates new opportunities to informs and real-time updates the passengers for their journey.

  • Digital Signage For Manufacturing Units

    Manufacturing units are high danger zone requiring to design efficient manufacturing signs for safety and display on multiple screens in every corner of the unit.

  • Digital Signage Pointing The Right Direction

    Deliver the ultimate shopping experiences that increase sales, boost revenue, and engage your in-store customers, all from one platform.

  • Address Public with Digital Signage

    Digital signage can streamline the process of getting the word out about emergencies, and other communications priorities for the public sector.

    Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution

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    What is Escreen and Whom Does It Serve?

    If you want an effective Cloud Based Digital Signage Solutions service then Escreen is absolutely suitable for your business. Now engaging your clients has become an easy task with high quality content getting displayed in multiple screens.It helps in delivering across the important message targeting a specific audience.

    Avail Digital Signage Service and Share Our plan!

    Escreen is a digital signage platform offering a unique Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution to the clients. Our service shall definitely add high value to your business goals.We will be really glad to join hands with you in this service to manage the countless clients and meeting their expectations.

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    A cloud based Digital Signage solution for Every Industry










    How it Works

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    Design & Publish With Our CMS

    Understanding, designing, and building your business. Designing the perfect content for your product so that the right message is conveyed to your customers.

    Deploy In Your Device

    Deploy In Your Device

    You will be able to control your content through your phone. Schedule a particular time when you can share the details with your customers.

    Ready To Go

    Ready To Go

    Easy to operate from anywhere through your smartphone. Update content through your phone and share it with your customers.

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    How Escreen help to your business

    Retails Shop Digital Signage

    Increase Sales

    Promote sales, product launches, and announcements. Educate customers about your product. 

    Restaurant Menu Board Screen

    Digital Menu Boards

    Inform and interact with your clients with eye-catching digital menu boards. Update menus and provides at the flick of a change at any time from anywhere


    Educate Your Students

    The best digital signage software for schools allows users to manage their screens efficiently. One key feature for efficient screen management is the ability to schedule content in advance.

    Devices We Support

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    Escreen Raspberry-Pi
    Escreen Samsung-TV
    Escreen Windows
    Escreen for linux
    Escreen LG-tv
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    Escreen Mac Os

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