Digital signage solution for restaurants to Attract Potential Customers !

Digital signage solution for restaurant helps to engage customers by displaying your compelling menu and promotions.

Digital Signage solution for Restaurants

Plate the perfect dining experience with powerful images and videos and delight your customers with the help of our digital signage solution for restaurants.


Customer Engaging Displays

It keeps customers engaged reducing the waiting time for them as they can directly pick up their orders without standing in a line. This ensures social distancing and customer loyalty.

Digital Menu Boards

Replacing hand written or printed paper menus with digital menu boards is much appealing to the customers. They can get views of displayed food items in beautiful shots.

Better Promotion and Sales

Digital signage solution for restaurants makes colorful texts and images of food is so attractive in these digital screen that they encourage high customer demand promoting business growth through word of mouth.

Easy Food Menu Updates

For adding any additional information regarding the food ingredients, recipes and calorie counts the digital menu boards can be easily updated. We do not need to squeeze in information like paper menus.

Digital Signage solution for Restaurants

With Escreen Easy, Advanced & Dynamic Digital Menu board solutions, Scale up your promotion to aware your targeted audience through digital signage solution for restaurants

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Fresh Food

Display information about the food that is cooked during a particular time of the day.

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Healthy Food

It is important for restaurants to display calorie counts next to each menu item. Digital menus make this convenient for restaurants.

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