Digital Signage For Transportation To Update Passengers !

Inform commuters with real-time traffic data and other valuable updates with Escreen so you can update your passengers.

Digital Signage for Transportation

Digital signage for transportation are now available at every airport and station to keep the passengers well informed and stay updated.

Digital Signage for Transportation Benefits

Online Booking

Passengers can check the availability of flights, trains or buses on digital signage. Increase in screens have made an easy access to such information enabling the customers to plan out their trip in prior.

Transport Information Updates
E-screen in the airports , railway stations and bus stations displays the status of the flight, train and bus. This keeps the passengers informed about their transport updates.
Weather Updates and Forecast
Display weather updates and local news in arrival lounges offering useful information for the passengers to use this information to plan their trip in a better way.
In-Transit Communication
Using the on-board digital screens for buses, trains and planes to advertise their services such as Wi-Fi connections and other passenger perks.

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