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Digital Signage In Modern Workplaces Or Offices!

In today’s modern age the most effective tool for building network, connections and communication is through screens. People even their workplaces or offices can be seen glued to their desktops and phones due to browsing, checking social media sites, reading e-mails or sending messages or news across the departments.

Digital signage is used not only in the offices but also for the different businesses and even in the airports. This has become the inseparable part of our lives which has facilitated the communication processes within the organizations. Digital screens have become an important part of all the big or small corporate houses and IT companies at a global scale. It enables to build the brand identity and loyalty of your employees for the company. The visitors or clients in the office also finds it easy to navigate through your office environment and work culture.

In the following blog, we shall elaborately discuss the use of digital signage in the modern work places and offices and the ways it has revolutionized the office culture.

Digital Signage In Offices

If you wish to lead the IT industry then you must have tremendous knowledge and power of using latest technology and trends in the market. The new advanced technologies and tools have gradually taken over the world and as a leader you must have technical know-how, knowledge and expertise in the field of IT services and technologies. One must be able to identify that which solution is suitable for a particular type of company.

The digital signage used in the offices are meant for the purpose of product advertising and building a brand awareness of the company. This acts as an effective messaging tool for insiders and outsiders of the company. The employees, office boys, staffs, clients, stakeholders and other members can all be effectively communicated with screen usage. There are some latest trends in the market that is coming up which can keep your office updated. This shall transform and bring changes to the work structure and IT services.

Reasons To Use Digital Signage In Workplaces or Offices

Effective Tool For Making Announcements

When we talk about using digital signage in the offices the most important purpose it serves is the sending of important messages and information across the departments. Sending an e-mail is a very private thing, cumbersome, easily lost and it needs to be forwarded to multiple people for sending across the message. So in order to make any such important announcements screens are used for displaying any important announcements or news. It is the most easiest way to reach out to a large audience or group of employees in the company.

This means that any person who is present inside the office premises can see the announcement on digital screen. Such news, information or any announcements can also be put into loop to ensure that no one misses out on the message.

Interactive Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be considered as a highly interactive and effective platform that is also used for sharing many important news for the employees. Any form of greetings on birthdays, promotions, appraisal in performance, bonus or good news for the employees can be posted and made visible through the screen. You have the option to even sync the digital screen management software you used with your business social media accounts.

Many congratulatory messages which are meant for the promoted employees can be posted on the screens by using hashtags and taglines. Their photo and name can be projected on all the areas of the company. This shall build confidence in the employees and make them feel highly valued and respected in the organization. This shall effect their productivity and performance level.

New and Fun Method Of Communication

Since digital signage are highly appealing to the eyes and attractive and a lot can be done with the screens by modifying the content. It has become a new and fun method of communicating across the different departments and floors. Whenever a message needs to be sent we often use the e-mail method and it often gets lost or misplaced in the already overflowing inboxes. So, in order to grab the attention of the receiver one needs to use bright eye catching message that is displayed on the digital screen. You can create an animation, video, add colorful images, audios to enhance the whole message. the use of interesting and moving graphics can make the information more readable in the office. This message can be noticed multiple times by the people throughout the day rather than once opened and forgotten email.

Several functions

The digital signage in the companies are used for various purposes not just for making important announcements. Sometimes screens can be used for sharing events, parties, inspirational quotes, fun activities and accomplishments that can be shared on the screen. Some other news related to weather updates, sports, news headlines, live video streams can also be displayed in between the lunch or coffee breaks in the companies.

Emerging Digital Signage Trends in Year 2022

  1. Interactive Office Digital Signage
    There has been tremendous progress in the field of technology in the recent years. To be much more specific there is a growing emphasis on solutions that keeps the employees and customers engaged. Grabbing the user’s attention is the most important and challenging task these days. Most of the UX experts are involved into the activities that can professionally help to solve the problem of customer or user engagement.
    An interactive digital screen can simplify the processes and tasks in the offices. There is progress and development that is taking place in the form of touch screens. There is further development in tools such as facial recognition software. This simplifies the office tasks such as visitor management, pre-booking of conference room, conducting seminars, office presentations and meetings which were once considered as difficult, manual, time consuming and tedious tasks.
  2. Wayfinding Digital Signage Trends
    As the workplaces or office buildings are becoming more advanced and complexed in their structure it requires wayfinding which can guide the visitors. This can be considered very useful and effective tool when employees needs to locate the people, clients and places without the need to waste their valuable time. Wayfinding signage has gradually evolved over the past two decades. These useful and interactive screens acts as the best user guide in the workplace that can guide very easily.
    The offices have initiated with the interactive maps that enables users to select spaces, people and even pre-book appointments and meetings with just few clicks. The users can visualize spaces and even customize it according to their needs. The users can easily search the people, desks, rooms that are located across the multiple floors.
  3. Advanced Customization Options
    Digital office signage software must allow the enterprises to customize digital displays to reflect the name of the brand. The software used must have the provider’s logo and colors rather than the own branding of the organization that can create a disconnected experience for visitors and employees. There are advanced customization options that reflect the brand and this shall definitely continue to advance in the years ahead.
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) And AI-Driven Personalization
    From the past one decade there has been a lot of buzz about the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) which has the ability to synthesize workplace analytics. It can streamline process of data collection, information and deploy experiences driven by the data. There has been massive advancements in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has enhanced the workplace technology.
    This AI Technology shall allow the workplace personalization. People will not only see their names on screen but will see displays automatically configure themselves to meet each individual users specific needs. It delivers highly personalized experiences in the workplaces
  5. 8k Screens
    The 8K Screens have taken over the market very swiftly and has become very popular increasing the number of 8k enabled devices. This resolution is effectively as good as the human eye could see. This makes it very good investment and shall remain in the market for long time and is non-replaceable. The 2020 Summer Olympics which got postponed was finally held later and around 200 hours of the event was broadcast in 8K.
  6. Office Digital Signage with Sophisticated Integrations
    The future of workplace or office depends upon the office digital signage. Your office digital signage should be such so that the information can not flow easily outside and is not very user-friendly for the employees. The office digital signage is only as good as the integrations it provides. There are variety of apps and solutions that can integrate with office digital signage options.

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