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Digital Signage For Shopping Malls

We have visited numerous shopping malls in the country multiple times. Some malls are traditional, old, and require fewer updates while there are some malls that are luxurious and technologically more advanced. Currently, the malls are using digital signage for advertising their exclusive offers, discounts, and newly launched products on the digital screen. This usage of digital signage is very beneficial for all sizes and shapes of shopping malls.

Traditional shopping malls use print signage to advertise and inform customers about various discounts and seasonal offers on their products displayed on sale. The problem with these printed signs was that they couldn’t adapt or change according to the needs and demands of customers or market trends. Reprinting and designing such traditional signage is mostly expensive because it requires repetitive production.

Digital Screens Use In Shopping Malls

These days we have modern and technologically advanced shopping malls that have doors and lifts that use automation techniques. The current use of digital screens in malls includes the use of large-area LED screens.

We will quickly explore how shopping malls use digital screens for various purposes:-

1. Wayfinders

There are wayfinders in the central areas of the shopping malls that have maps or layouts of the mall, the list of stores, food courts, shop locations, number of floors that people can easily locate or find with the help of these wayfinders.

2. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are actively displayed in the food courts, coffee shops, and restaurants situated in the shopping malls. These digital menu boards can also display newly launched food outlets in the shopping mall outside the entrance or inside for advertising.

3. Large Area LED Screens

Inside and outside the shopping malls, these large LED screens actively advertise different stores and brands. There are various ways these malls take advantage of digital signage techniques and make the most of it.

4. HD Image Galleries

The people who come to shop in the shopping malls are usually busy while shopping for events or functions. So, we need to grab or capture the attention of the customers through exciting and appealing images on digital screens. These digital screens are visually engaging and appealing to the eyes of the customers which directly communicates the message to the consumers. It is not just the text alone that grabs the attention of the consumers but also the high-definition image that keeps the customers engaged. Advertisers and sponsors can share these images directly with the customers. Users can upload images or advertisements along with a playlist and schedule them automatically on specific days and times.

5. Important notices

The digital signage used in the malls displays crucial on-demand information to all mall shoppers. It announces the opening of a new store, events in the mall parking hours, etc. The shopping guides, health and safety-related information, weather updates, and other important events or sales taking place are all updated as part of the important notices on these digital screens.

6. Social media feeds

Social media is probably the greatest tool for driving high sales and customer engagement. It also increases customer engagement by using it for promotions and sharing important news. Digital screens can display social media feeds as well. This not only improves the online presence of the brand or shop but also increases its customer base and demand. This ensures a relationship of trust and loyalty amongst the people who follow you on social media. Using drag-and-drop social widgets and hashtags makes your social media feeds interesting and makes your content stream within seconds.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Shopping Malls

1. Interactive

Placing digital signage on touchscreens in shopping malls or stores makes it an interactive tool. Users actively use these touchscreens for swiping, easy searching, and clicking through content. We implement these interactive screens in specific areas of the shopping malls to keep customers engaged and interested.

2. Engaging

The bright, attractive colors, moving images, animations, and colorful characters are so interesting that it has easily replaced the traditional signage. The traditional signage or printed posters are static and due to this, it does not easily grab the attention of the people towards your store.

3. Easy-to-see

The paper or printed paper signs are not very noticeable from a far-off distance. Even if the mall is busy, people can easily see and interpret moving texts, animated images, or videos from a long distance. This easily grabs the attention of the customers which makes the text messages readable and can increase the number of customers.

4. Customization

These digital signage are highly customizable as you can add more information on these screens from any location and at whatever time you need. Customized screens fulfill the different needs of every shopping mall or store. These customized digital screens can take care of every customer’s different needs, providing large complicated maps for some and only-way finders for others.

5. Quick Updates

Updating these digital signage is easy because they don’t require reprinting like traditional signage. With the help of an internet connection, you can change the display on these screens from any remote location in the world. You can update it immediately as any new information comes up.

Digital Signage Features In Shopping Malls

Digital signage has a lot of useful features that are perfect for shopping malls. Some of the important features of digital signage features in the shopping malls are:-


Considered a crucial feature, shopping malls actively use plug-ins in digital signage. These are customizable and are integrations that improve functionality and engagement. The plugins in shopping malls are HTML5, Touch, Weather, social media plugins, and many more.


The counter plugin demonstrates the countdown in the content. It is used for the countdown to major holidays that are related to shopping like Christmas, Diwali, etc. The plug-ins are used to make the content highly customizable. It allows us to add more information if something is specific.

Social Media

Retail stores to grow their customer base and demand often look for growth on their social media accounts. These social media accounts are displayed on the digital screen that encouraging the customers to join your community. It displays the live feeds of all of your social media accounts.


The touch plugin is meant to make the digital screens interactive and intuitive for the customers. this acts as a navigation tool for the customers as they can easily search the content of their choice.


HTML5 is a website plugin that is used for the integration of your website. It is the easiest way to integrate external content. These are used as touchscreens for people who want to order out-of-stock items from the website of the store. This is used for adding URLs or HTML code to your content.

Branding Opportunities

Digital signage has features that allow you to promote your brand and make it consistent. Images, photos, texts, videos, and fonts must be colorful and appealing to the eyes so that they can easily grab the attention of the customers. The content displayed should be in compliance with your brand and must directly serve the purpose. You can add high-definition images and videos in bright colors to display the products.

Offline Use

The shopping malls have Wi-Fi access but the shopping stores and businesses must have a backup option for using digital signage when offline. The content remains alive even if there is no internet access.

Language Options

People from all over the world definitely visit shopping malls while they travel to different countries. The digital signage in the malls must definitely have language options so that we can reach out to all the customers. Not just English the digital signage displays must also have a foreign language option which can be understandable by all the people of different regions.


Zones are features that allow to divide the content on multiple screens. Sections of screens being kept in sync ensure simultaneous playback of the same content. Ads can also be played on the other screens of the mall.

Alerts and Notifications

The malls use digital screens spread over a wide area, making them easily visible and noticeable to people in the mall. These screens display alert or notification messages instantly.


When you display your product sales, offers, or discounts on a certain time of the year or on holidays one can schedule the specific time and date in advance to play the designed content. The scheduling time for the content play is a very important feature in the shops.

Future Implementations of Digital Signage at Shopping Malls

The digital signage is here to stay for a very long period of time sprawling across the retail stores and other forms of businesses. Businesses implement these digital signs in the central areas of malls so that they come in direct visual contact with people.

Businesses can follow certain ideas for general areas, shopping complexes, malls, and stores in the market. Some of these future ideas for the implementation of digital signage at shopping malls are:-


Advertising in the malls aims to increase sales and turn a prospective sale or potential customer into a reality. Digital signage serves the very purpose of advertising in almost every location or area of the mall. Such location can include the inside of a store, outside the store, washroom, changing room, counter, etc. Displaying an advertisement in the mall shall drive high sales due to the flow of customers to the store at a greater scale.

Information or instructions

Implementing digital screens at shopping malls can provide you with important and relevant information and instructions. These pieces of information enable the buyers to make the right choices regarding purchase and resolve all their doubts and queries. This information may relate to the policies, promotions, safety, directions, etc.

Digital Store Signs

The digital store signs in the future shall help the owners of the shop to conveniently attract customers to their store. The signs or names used by the stores are usually unique and distinct from the other stores which allows the customers to easily locate the shop. The attractive digital display can make your store stand out from the rest of the shops in the mall.

Detailed Wayfinders

Malls still use wayfinders to guide shoppers in the direction they need. These are interactive touch screens that help the person reach their destination within the shopping complex or mall. Businesses can use these digital signage for operations. They can assign roles to employees, issue instructions, and easily track data. It is a place to display advertisements and even shopper information.


The touchscreens inside the stores can practically help the customers to find out the products and even order the out-of-stock things. It shall help the customers to get exactly what they want to.

Digital Signage for Operations

Businesses can use these digital signage for operations. They can assign roles to employees, issue instructions, and easily track data.

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