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Digital Signage On High Street Making It Competitive!

Digital signage has become a very popular thing in today’s digital times where screens are placed in all the public areas to attract a large pool of customers. These digital signs are used by all the major important industries such as the airlines, retail, restaurants, malls, offices, manufacturing units, events, hotels and many more. Digital display screens serves the purpose of attracting potential customers and appealing to their eyes through colorful displayed content. In the following blog, we shall focus primarily on high street digital signage. When the offline and online shopping experience is merged together it gives an excellent and immersive shopping experience. The high street retailers designs their displays in such a way that it brings the physical shopper back into the store.

Digital signage in itself is nothing without content but the high street retailers and store owners have learned to invest into the trend of combined online digital and physical shopping. Digital signage displays for high street shopping has the ability to capture and engage the customers for a very long period of time. Digital signage is the key to manage the merger and when consumers have average attention span of just few seconds. The content is only capable enough of capturing the attention of the potential customers.

What Is Digital Signage?

The digital signage is an electronic signage that uses the LCD monitors, LED lights and projections to display restaurant menus, web pages, videos, display digital images, electronic texts etc. The digital signage can be used for providing important public information, internal communication or sharing product information that can enhance the customer service and promote or create brand awareness. Digital signage is very important for most of the businesses around the world that definitely helps in creating a market for the business. We have a very unique and effective approach in business that focuses on running the software on a cloud-based infrastructure for digital signage networks.

What Is High Street Digital Signage?

For every shop or store in the high street area to stand out and survive it needs to achieve a certain level of attraction to make it appealing to the eyes of the customers. When the digital display screen is attractive it can deliver an immersive and enjoyable experience to the customers. Only with new technology it is possible to attract a wide range of people from every walk of the society. A customer can only enjoy incredible shopping experience if there is an interactive digital signage at shopping areas. In the high street areas we usually see the wide range of digital installations and screens for the purpose of marketing, advertising and display of brand videos. There are multiple screens in areas which are customized and flexible which can easily change the content in accordance to the business expectations and clients needs. Shopping on the high streets has changed and many favorite stores are combining their bricks and mortar premises with e-commerce sites to broaden the demographic reach and ultimately increase sales.

Benefits of Digital Signage on the High Street

Inexpensive content creation

Digital signage is considered as the most cost efficient method of marketing and advertising as it eradicates any paper or printing cost. Digital signage is the long term advertising digital signage solution that can change the content in seconds without having to go through the whole process of printing again and again. This form of digital signage is far inexpensive and cheaper than traditional printed signage. The digital signage helps you to fix marketing budget for displaying any important digital content that saves the paper and printing cost. There is no need for the print design, print production, distribution and installation charges.

Short lead times

Traditional marketing involves design, print, distribution and installation. You could easily be looking at 6 weeks from concept to launch. The same creative ideas can be in front of your customers in just minutes using digital signage at a fraction of the cost.

Run geo-targeted campaigns

When the content creation and distribution of content is fast and steady then it can easily target the campaigns that are specific at the local market. If any competitor catches you out with a special offer that you can easily respond instantly to match and compete.

You can change the message on display

Digital signage is highly customized and flexible that is used for delivering the content according to the needs and expectations of the clients and business requirements. Any advertisements related to seasonal offers, discounts or daily updates can be displayed and scheduled on an hourly basis. The digital signage uses digital software such as the CMS that allows the users to create playlists which means the multiple displays can be shown to the customers within a short period of time.

Engage with your customers

Digital signage are highly interactive and engaging as now they are available in shopping complexes in the form of the latest touch screen displays. These interactive displays or way findings can guide directions to the customers. These signages in the high street areas are very beneficial that can conduct surveys on the latest products, collect data and display interactive games and videos to be able to easily grab the attention of the customers.

Digital signs increase sales

Digital signs are used for displaying attractive and vibrant moving images and videos that is used for displaying target messages. the high quality pictures, graphics, animation and art videos can easily catch the attention of the customers. This definitely leads to high sales drive and business revenue.

Cross channel marketing

Digital signages can be used for digital marketing purpose on the social media channels and online advertising. These digital screens in the stores can easily modify the material displayed on screens and can unify the messages on all the screens at the same time. Digital screens can reinforce online message that helps in building your store’s brand name.

Test your marketing ideas quickly

Digital screens allows you to be more experimenting with your marketing message without the need for increasing the budget. the marketing messages can be tested and compared with each other that which ad works the best for your business. Since digital signage display can be changed over time and again so marketing message can also be changed according to the requirements of the business. You can easily change your digital screen marketing strategy accordingly.

Moving images

Moving images are considered to be more effective in comparison to the static posters and signs. These moving videos and images looks much more appealing to the eyes and is engaging for the today’s audience. Digital signage software enables the smooth creation of moving messages much simple and easy. Such moving images or videos can be coupled with animated characters that can improve the user experience and retention of the viewers.

Reduces administration cost

The cost of traditional marketing and traditional printed signage is really high in comparison to the digital signage. The investment gets double due to the traditional content creation, production, distribution and installation of media. No extra time is needed for creating networks for promotion and building connection as digital signage is a highly effective platform. In digital signage platform if you are using a networked solution you are in control so that no time is spent checking individual store that has followed your plan and are sticking to your brand rules. Any one person can manage to launch a campaign rather than wasting the effort of all store personnel. This shall reduce an overall administrative cost.

Creative Ways To Use Digital Signage Technology For High Street

The static signage is an effective and engaging tool for marketing, information and wayfinding but lately there has been an advance in the digital signage solution. The organizations finds the most exciting and appealing ways to use the digital signage to promote their products and brand. These digital signage is used for conveying useful information. Digital signage technology can be used by the different organizations for promoting the brands and products by displaying useful information. Some of the most creative ways to use digital signage technology for high street are :-

  1. Augmented reality
    Many marketers are getting much inclined towards augmented reality technology as it ensures a highly engaging experience that raises the profile of the business brand. In the recent years digital signage technology has started getting integrated with augmented reality. The augmented reality technology is the most effective and successful one as the digital signage technology that engages people on the street. It has proved out to be the most effective when it comes to gaining the social media views and shares. Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the real world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound and other sensory stimuli that is delivered across technology. AR is a simple growing trend in the companies that are dealing with apps and mobile computing.
  2. Interactive games
    One of the most creative and engaging uses of digital signage technology is use of the interactive games. You can create such engaging and interactive games by creating a leaderboard for players to make all the players compete with each other and gain scores. Some brands also combines the game with winning competition and receiving prize money, offers and special prizes.
  3. Wayfinding
    After the introduction of digital signage technology there has been tremendous changes in how we look at places of shopping or stores. There were non interactive and static maps back in earlier days for locating places. With digital signage technology interactive maps have been introduced into the malls and stores. Many digital signage displays are touch-enabled that allows you to tap, swipe, pinch and zoom to explore the map in detail. Touch enabled signage allows you to tap on certain locations on map to find the quickest route between such locations. The digital wayfinding patterns often allows you to look for route quickly on screen.
  4. Social media
    The social media content or user generated content is an integral part of a marketing campaign that is created by the brand itself. An effective integration between digital signage technology and social media feeds is the most effective way to engage the people through social media campaigns and keeps you more connected to the brand. The digital signage solution should be such so that it rightly caters to the needs of the clients and fulfills the project demand. Digital signage technology can also be combined with project management, software development, installation, support and training to deliver the best desired results.

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