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Creative Ways To Use Digital Signage For Gyms!

Digital signage is used primarily in every business these days as it has become the inevitable part of almost every commercial business. If you wish to stand out in the rat race of the business then your business definitely need to make a place for the digital signage or digital display screens. The digital screens are deployed at almost every nook and corner of the public places to grab the attention of the potential customers or passers-by. These dynamic digital signages are used for drawing a huge number of people towards the business. these signages can be used for conveying social awareness messages, personalized messages, offers, discounts and used for many other purpose. The content that is being displayed on the screens is in the form of videos, colorful images, 3D texts, animated videos or moving images etc. The digital display boards that are used in the gymnasiums and health centers are in the form of massive video boards that is used for attracting the youngsters to join the gyms or fitness centers.

In the following blog, we shall highlight and discuss the digital signage in gyms, ways to use digital signage in gyms and advantages of using digital signage in the gyms.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic signage that is used for electronically displaying information, other important messages, social awareness and advertising or promotional news. All these content are displayed in the form of colorful, attractive and highly appealing texts, images, moving images, animated musical videos with high resolution graphic images. These signage either uses LED walls or monitors, plasma displays, LCD screens by using display technologies. they are used for displaying digital food menu boards, directions, web pages, videos, digital images, social awareness messages, promotional marketing messages. Signages also has a computer component, or player, that decodes content for the signage and displays it visually on the screen.

These powerful digital signages can attract people from a far off distance through attractive banners, hoardings and boards that appeals to the eyes of the people. Digital signage or digital sign boards has the highest possibility of turning potential customers into the permanent ones. These display screens are used in the gyms, restaurants, malls, retail stores, hospitals, offices, hotels, airports and are used in the many more industries.

What is Gym Digital Signage?

A digital screen used for communicating the offers and services of your gym is known as gym digital signage. Gym or fitness center is ideally a place where the people come to work out and to maintain their fitness levels. Such gyms have waiting areas and other conspicuous places where there are many digital screens for the people to see communicating relevant health and fitness content on screens. These signages are used for various purpose and not only for health tips and fitness information. It is used for communicating the warnings, policies, procedures, emergency announcements, awareness messages, sanitization facility or direction or safety signs to the clients. There can also be messages, precautions or information related to the various gym equipment that are in use or schedules that makes perfect fitness signage system. This step definitely ensure that it does not cause your business any burden or liable claims.

Ways To Use Digital Signage In Gyms

Right Positioning Of Signage And Celebrating Milestones Achieved By Clients

Digital signage as discussed above can be used for several purpose in the same industry but it definitely depends upon the positioning of the signage in the facility. Similarly in gyms and fitness centers these digital signage needs to be first placed at the appropriate places with right message or information. You can showcase all your success stories of members to boost the morale of the new gym members. A success story always emphasizes on the need of hard work and struggle that can inspire the people to achieve their own milestone and motivate them to follow their footsteps. Gyms can post the before and after images of people to inspire other members. Demonstrating the success of members in their weight loss journey can make all the difference in gym business as more number of people will try to get themselves registered into the gyms. This shall enable your business to grow and generate revenue.

Make Promotions And Branding

Deployment of digital signage to advertise or put up promotional messages and for promoting branding for your business is a very smart move. The members needs to be made aware of the new trainers, diet charts, programs that shall make the gym a very happy place. When you display your gym products or services on gym screens it attracts and highly engages the members. Gym has many protein and energy related products and also sauna bathrooms or spa or parlor facilities that can definitely be advertised in front of the customers.

Show Entertainment Videos

In the gyms the exercising is much fun to perform rather in isolation. Also gyms have very attractive offers, membership plans, gym culture and staff that plays a vital role in the fitness journey of the members. The gyms can be made an entertaining place for workout by bringing in a gym TV solution like playing music or playing entertaining videos between the workout sessions. This makes the gym venue all the way more entertaining and dynamic.

Tell Your Brand Story

Gyms or fitness centers can use short films or videos to display their brand story on the screens. A slideshow of images or video can be made for display on gym TV that shares the complete story of your gym. This motivates the people to know the struggle and story behind your gym and this shall motivate them to join the gym.

Show Training Equipment Details

The equipment details are also very important criteria for the people to join the gym as they can check that whether the gym has all the necessary or required gym equipment or not. Promoting your facility’s amenities and services using digital signage in your gym is an ingenious and enticing idea. Attendees to your fitness center can better understand how the equipment works and its application by seeing it projected on a computer screen.

Use Social Wall To Build Engagement

Gyms can use digital display screens for streaming the social media feeds and posts related to fitness of their clients that enables to build trust among the new clients. The social wall has become the new and latest trend in the business market where the different social media sites such as the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are demonstrated on the social media wall together. Since people these days as we all know are glued to using the social media sites so adding social media accounts on the screens makes it ten times more interesting and engaging for the people.

Manage Communications With Bulletin Board

Gyms can also use the bulletin boards for displaying any important announcement without the need of designing, printing and publishing first. Bulletin board is used for making sudden announcements related to the gym and it’s members. For instance, if the gym will remain closed, the bulletin board should display quickly ‘Tomorrow our gym shall remain closed’ message. Having a digital notice board or bulletin at the gym or fitness center is a fun and creative way to communicate both with the clients and members.

Provide Class Schedules

The gym digital signage displays the seasonal discounts on their services and products, schedules and other wellness related content that ensures a holistic wellbeing and development of the gym members. Gyms and fitness centers offers many other fitness related classes as well such as the yoga, aerobics, dance to hula hooping. If there is a proper class schedule for all the activities taking place within the gym and that is being shown on gym TV screens then it increases the interests of the other people as well.

Show Diet Charts

The gym or fitness centers are not places that only focuses on the training part but also on adequate diet plan as well. There are even health coaches and diet planners apart from the fitness instructors in the gyms who assists the members with their overall holistic well being and diet routine. There is a preparation of a proper diet charts and provide recipes to prepare them. The gym goers feels very relaxed and confident on seeing the digital signage displaying the right information related to health and fitness that resonates with their audience.

Show Motivational Quotes

When the gym members reads the inspirational quotes and phrases getting displayed on the digital screens it definitely impacts the minds of the readers by instilling emotions in them. These quotes of motivation have the power to influence and elevate the spirits of the daily lives.

Promote Perks

Gyms are like the health clubs that offers certain complimentary wellness and other beauty or health related services. The gym TV screens that are placed inside the workout zones or waiting or lobby areas can be used for promoting the perks like discounts on the special therapies. Upselling your services by offering a decent bargain on beauty sessions or spa treatments is a brilliant strategy to generate revenue or money.

Make New Members Feel At Home

When digital screens placed in the lobby or waiting area of the gym it is meant for attracting new gym joiners. The gym TV solution is meant for people belonging to the different walks of society. It is meant for putting members at ease and within their comfort zone with simple and straight forward messages. This shall build trust amongst the members.

Convert Passer-By with Attractive Outdoor Signage

There are outdoor digital signage or street signage that has the highest ability to attract potential members. There are digital kiosks and street signage that is placed outside the gym to attract a high number of passerby. This helps them to know about the special deals and offers that are offered by the gym. These signages can also display about the workout equipment, professional trainers and other wellness, dieticians and fitness coaches.

Advantages Of Using Digital Signage In Gyms

There are many digital signage displays that are being placed inside and outside the premises of the gyms or fitness centers. These digital signs contributes greatly towards the revenue of gym business as more and more number of exercise and gym enthusiasts joins the gyms. These digital signages uses the latest technologies that facilitates the gyms activities. The internal communication within the gym is definitely facilitated as it involves the consumers through the multimedia content.

In this particular section of the blog we shall discuss the advantages of using digital signage in the gyms. Some of the listed advantages of gym digital signage are:

  1. Information
    While gym members gets trained the digital signage can be used as the perfect tool for informing the customers. It keeps all the members highly informed about the class schedules, teachers that are available, success stories, healthy lifestyles, promotions and events, treatments and other relevant subjects that are related to the fitness and sports.
  2. Entertainment
    Using digital signage in gyms can enable the members to remain highly engaged and entertained. The signages can display many entertaining as well as informative videos that can be used for entertaining the athletes during the workout sessions. Such digital signage content displays can be coupled with an attractive sound track or music that shall keep all the gym members entertained during the workout session.
  3. Motivation
    Digital signage ensures a high drive and success for the athletes where there are many motivational quotes, educational informative material, inspiring stories in the form of moving images and videos that makes the training session all the way more effective and satisfactory. The videos are attractive enough to pool the crowd towards the gym that does not even require any verbal communication or advice on health and exercise importance. When displayed content is able to attract the members it motivates the members to follow a disciplined lifestyle.
  4. Education
    The digital signage are used for displaying any health based educational information in the form of videos. These displayed content shows the nutritional suggestions and calorie intakes by the gym members or athletes. Exhibiting informational videos on holistic well-being and health encourages the members to continue with the exercising.
  5. Advertising/ Promotion
    Digital signage is a way to promote the gym’s services and products on screen. You can inform athletes about new classes, new instructors, discounts, special offers, etc.
  6. Communication
    The digital signage solutions has the ultimate motive to communicate the important information or personalized customer experience in the gym. These personalized messages can be in the form of birthday events or success stories of the members. Maintaining an effective communication amongst the members, staff and instructors is very important for the success of the business.
  7. Orientation And Security
    Digital signages are also used for the security purpose for any physical space. The digital signage display ensures the safety of the people and instructors in the facility. These displays also shows the safety instructions, preventive measures and other important details in the most dynamic way. These digital displays are used for making the security measures better for the gym members and staff. It also allows the new gym joiners to find the right machine for performing the right exercise that they want to do.
  8. Customization
    The presence of digital signage in the gyms are pretty much useful and delivers customized content to the audience and schedule. The content displayed in the morning can be different in the afternoon and it can be changed according to the needs of the business. There is also possibility for presenting the different contents at different time of the year in the gym according to the changing situations. These highly customized digital screens can serve the very purpose of motivating the gym members to work harder for their fitness goal.
  9. Generation of Revenue
    Digital signage in the gyms can easily generate additional revenue with the help of advertising and sponsorships. The sports and nutritional supplements industry is huge which has an extremely high competition. Therefore, it requires an investment in the advertising and gym promotional field.
  10. Saving Time and Money
    The digital signage has an initial investment but later it no longer requires further investment when it needs to change it’s content on display. The printed signage requires paper and pen cost that definitely rises the cost exorbitantly. Therefore, these customized digital signage are the best when there is an update of content requirement at any given time from any location. When everything is being displayed on the digital screens it reduces the tasks of the staff and instructors as thye can now dedicate themselves to the other important tasks.

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