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What is Digital Signage? Everything You Need To Know

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage has computer component or player which can display the content on screen. It uses LED lights, LCD screens or plasma displays to target customers with texts and graphic messages. The colorful and flashy texts on screen are appealing to the eyes which easily grabs the attention of customers towards the product that is being displayed on screen. Digital signage is much better than the traditional form of advertising as it drives high customer demand and sales.

Digital signage is used by almost every possible industry today as it is much more efficient, cost effective, saves time and rightly targets a certain type of customers. It displays the product information, sale offers, high HD quality food images or clothes attracting the customers to buy it. There is also touchscreen available in the shopping malls and movie theatres which provides an immersive and great enjoyable experience to the people.

Digital signage functions in different settings like public spaces, museums, sporting arenas, churches, public organizations, academic buildings, retail stores, banks, corporate spaces, religious ceremonies and restaurants to offer way finding, messaging, marketing and outdoor advertising.

How Does Digital Signage Works?

A digital signage system works only when there is a delivery and display of content in the form of images, videos, media. In the content management system the content is filed and scheduled and the data stored in the CMS is distributed to the media players. Each player plays the content according to the scheduled time and updates the digital display accordingly.

Cloud or Premise

The two ways in which the digital signage can be accessed are cloud and premise based. Cloud based digital signage solution is easily accessible through the internet and the content can be uploaded and changed from any remote location at any time of the day.

Premise based digital signage solution are hosted locally and allows for total system control requiring more manual labor on premises when editing or changing the ad content.

Content Management Software

For any digital signage solution the content management system (CMS) is very crucial that usually operates with a user interface in place. It allows the agencies in marketing to upload and arrange the content and it gives complete control to the advertiser over the content. It is designed in such a way so that it can be used without any need for the specialized technical knowledge.

Digital Signage Media Player

A digital signage media player is a computer with digital content which is put on public display. Any TV you see in a public space is typically powered by a media player, such as hotel lobbies, airport terminals, digital menus, digital directories or stadiums.

Device Management

To achieve the highest possible result in the digital sign the digital management platforms are considered very essential. The management devices ensures that digital signage devices are analyzed, monitored and prevented from any possible risks. They carry out checks and provides reports on the media player status, updates, reboots and maintenance.

How Our Digital Signage Solution Benefits Different Industries ?

Escreen is the digital sign platform offering an unique digital solution to the clients. Our service shall definitely add high value to your business goals. We will be really glad to join hands with you in this service to manage the countless clients and meeting their expectations. We with our Escreen service can highly engage your customers through display of content in multiple screens.

We as a digital signage solution is sprawling across the different industries such as the restaurant, cafes, hotel, transportation, retail, education, event, manufacturing, hospital etc. With Escreen any user can cast his channel, add new link, create schedules and can even associate roles to the other users. Our digital sign solution is available on almost every type of device displaying the high resolution images and videos (content) for your business.

Restaurant Business

Whenever a new restaurant, cafe or bar is opened it requires the digital sign platform to display their digital food menu board to display colorful texts and food images to attract pool of customers towards it. Our digital screens shall help you to replace the traditional old menus with digitalized menus.

Transportation Industry

The transportation industry cannot survive and thrive without the digital screening of transport schedules and any information related to it. the digital screens in the airports, bus stations and railway stations acts as the panel of information for the passengers which helps them to plan their trip accordingly.

Educational Institutes

E-learning and conduct of online classes has become a very simpler task with the introduction of digital screens. This has facilitated the education system during the pandemic times. This has facilitated the campus wide announcements through digital notice boards and also ensures security of the students.


Improved staff management, performance, increase in productivity are some of the common traits that has been noticed after the introduction of digital sign. There is an improved team communication and high employee satisfaction with digital signage making the offices smarter.

Retail Store

In any new launched retail store we see the use of digital screens very often to display sale offers, discounts creating a lasting impression that helps you keeping ahead of competition. This also keeps the customers informed about different ways payments can be made.


Conducting of the conferences, building personal connections and for drawing attention of the audience and in keeping them engaged. We help you to stay up to date with all the recent events and activities taking place through digital sign.

Hotel Industry

Digital signage is a highly valuable asset for the hospitality venues and their related services. It helps in increasing the brand awareness of hotel by providing important information to the guests about the room service and other facilities.


In the hospitals and health units the digital displays helps in displaying health reports of the patients and keeps the patients informed and updated. It also updates the waiting time outside the doctor’s cabin and healthcare staff availability in case of any emergency case.

Manufacturing Units

While in the manufacturing facility our screens aids in displaying the safety signs to ensure safety of the employees and also helps the employees to analyze their own performance through live data display.

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