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Best Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage in Restaurant Business

Signs and written texts have always been the part of our lives but with the growing advancement in the technology it has started getting displayed on the digital boards. There are many companies which especially offers digital signage solutions to the other businesses. The hand written or printed sign boards have been successfully replaced by the digital sign boards in the market that uses the high technology for advertising. These digital sign are intimidating which attracts pool of customers towards your shop as they are highly engaging and attention grabbing signs.

Digital Signage is used for the electronic display of the menus, information, messages, advertising etc using the digital signage technologies. The technology such as the LCD, LED, OLED is used in these digital boards for almost all private locations serving almost all the industries today. It is centrally controlled system, content distribution platform which plays digital content on one or more than one screen. Digital signage are used for displaying many important information such as the news, weather, flight status, food menus, advertisements etc.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Business

Digital signage are used for more than one purpose but it primarily serves the purpose of keeping the customers informed and updated. This helps in retaining the customers loyalty for the business. Some of the benefits of digital signage has been listed down below:

  1. Flexible
    Digital signage can work in any of the setting whether it is for the product advertising or sale promotion. The digital signage solution can be flexible in nature as it can be designed according to the needs of your company.
  2. Adaptable
    The digital signs are very adaptable which is used for making the customers more alert and informative about any changes in the policies. It is easy to update the digital signs that reflects any changes that has been made.
  3. Reusable
    The digital signs are reusable for the different purposes and are quite adaptable and flexible. The new signs or designs which are updated are readily displayed on the digital sign.
  4. Attractive
    The digital signage displays are considered much more attractive than the traditional signage as it has the high ability to attract the customers towards your business. The screens ensures that your sign boards are noticed from a distant location and is also impactful at the same time that leaves a long term impact on the mind of the customers.

Benefits of using Digital Signage in Restaurant Business

  1. Eliminate Printing Cost
    Almost every business these days faces numerous challenges related to the advertising of their food menus. The printed or hand written paper menus requires a whole lot of investment of money which makes it a not very suitable option for the restaurant owners. In place of the traditional food menu display it can be replaced by the digital signage. This digital sign is considered to be a very cost-effective and user friendly that proves out to be a long term investment with high ROI. It is very flexible as a result of which any discounts, offers, deals can be easily introduced into the digital sign board where the information displayed just need to be altered.
  2. Customize Menu From Any Location
    One of the biggest advantage of using the digital signage for the restaurant business is that the food menu can be easily updated and altered even from any remote location. The menu can be added with a playlist of your choice and be updated at any time of the day. There are seasonal menus with offers on the food items that needs to be displayed where such information does not need to be squeezed in like the paper menus. Any such change in the information can easily be updated from any location and at any time without the need to make a new food menu.
  3. Keep Customer Engaged and Entertained
    Since the whole world has come down to the digital screens of their phones and laptops we can rightly conclude that the customers are more interested to view the food menus on screen. This helps in highly engaging the customers and builds a strong relationship with them. The food menus are pretty much attractive with the colorful texts and pictures of the food items that makes it very interesting for the customers.
  4. Attract Customers Attention
    Digital screens are like eye candies which are capable of attracting the attention of the potential customers. Digital signage highly grabs the attention of the customers and increases the customer interaction with your restaurant.
  5. Increase Number Of Orders
    The digital menu boards have big display screen which makes it easy for the customers to select the dish and order it quickly. He can easily check the food menu since it its written in bigger fonts and without wasting any time can place his order. Sometimes the customers are also attracted by the beautiful and colorful visuals of the dishes which entice them to order for the food item. This ensures an increase in the number of orders.
  6. Reduces Long Queue
    Digital signage solutions are instant and quick which resolves the queries of the customers just through the screen. It provides an instant solution to the customers if they have any issues or queries related to your restaurant. Such digital screens reduces the waiting time and customers can timely pick up their orders from the counters. the long queue in front of your restaurant will vanish and crowd will be easily managed.
  7. Improves your social media presence
    With the help of the digital screens you can get your online food menu streamed on the social medias and even promote your brand. the customers can review and provide feedback of your restaurant and it’s service. Any food bloggers and blog posts can enhance your social media presence which shall generate high revenue for your restaurant business. Since people these days are social media buffs they are very much inclined to see the social media posts and reviews which can encourage the potential customers to try your restaurant.

Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage in Restaurants

Digital Menu Boards

One of the most effective ways to display your food items in a food menu is using attractive images of the food items in the digital menu boards. It has been seen that most of the customers are greatly influenced by the digital menu boards to try out the different food items mentioned in the menu. It definitely quickens the process of ordering and increases the number of orders. This also makes the work of the staff easy and uncomplicated as they do not have to personally cater to the individual customers. There is also a scanning of QR code and placing of orders from the digital menu that has been introduced recently into the main big restaurants. This enhances the customer experience and builds a relationship of trust with them.

Interactive Waiting Room Screens

Another form of digital signage which is used in the restaurants are interactive waiting room screens. The customers who comes to the restaurant cannot wait for long as they usually come with their family and friends so they need to spend their time in an entertaining way while they wait for their turn. Installing digital signage screens in the waiting room or the dining area can help the customers to remain engaged. They can watch some entertaining stuffs on the screen which helps them to pass their time. The content which is displayed on the waiting room screen can include the chef videos, food videos and images, fun food quotes, colorful presentation of desserts and other stuffs.

Upselling Products and Food Items

Instead of pushing the customers to try out new food items you can use the digital sign board to display some exotic meals, desserts, colorful beverages and mouthwatering snacks that will entice your customers to place more orders by the time they are finished with their meal. The creative, appealing and attractive food videos and high resolution colorful food images attracts more number of customers to buy your food. This improves the growth in your restaurant business and builds a brand name through great customer experience.

Display Discount Offers and Deals

Let the customers know about the great deals and offers that has been brought by you for them. The discount, offers, happy hours, seasonal offers all can be displayed on the screen that can entice more number of customers to place the orders.

Social Media Walls

A display social media wall is another tool which is used for entertaining and engaging the customer. You can easily collect, customize and display the social media walls with attention grabbing food images. Such images are coupled with hashtags, mentions, URLs etc. You can display the social media wall along with the digital menu to inspire the customers and help them to make their food choices efficiently.

Reviews and Ratings

Digital signage in the restaurants can be used to display the reviews and ratings that has been shared by the customers. The user generated social media content can be displayed on the digital screen that improves the customer interaction. Such customer reviews on the social media sites and on the website of your restaurant enables the other potential customers to know about there quality of the service and product provide by you.

Display Latest Order Images

You can display the visuals of the orders that are mostly placed by the other customers. There are many people who want to order the same food item that has been placed by the previous customer or they want to order the most popular dish which is ordered by most of the customers. But they might hesitate to ask the name of the dish so the visuals can be presented to them so that they do not find any difficulty to order. Displaying latest orders with attractive visuals help your customers to know about the wide range of dishes served by your restaurant.

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