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Digital Signage Content tips for Educational Institutions

More and more educational institutions have started to understand the benefits of digital signage, it is the most reliable, convenient, and cost-effective way to display all relevant information for students, professors, and other faculties. Digital signage has widened marketing strategies and is known as a modernistic tool, creating unique trends in the industry environment. Educational institutions can utilize digital display in the following manners:-

Suitable Information On Walls of Lobby

Place digital screens on the inner walls of the building and put specific relevant information for students and faculty over there as everyday students, and faculties will pass from the lobby to read important content like Some events timings, debate sessions, important student gatherings, or crucial announcements. Digital signage monitors could achieve ease of communication.

Digital signage screens in Classroom Boards

Visual memory, stored in the mid-brain part comprising 90% of storage capacity, allows our brain to more easily store visual information than textual or written paragraphs. If you display content visually on digital classroom boards it will increase the learning capacity of student’s brains, increase knowledge and sound expertise.

Welcome Screens at Reception or Entrance

Every morning persons will enter the building so to welcome students, faculty members, and visitors you can display ‘Thought of the Day’ or motivational lines at the entry points on digital signage monitors to motivate, and encourage readers to do something great in their lives.

Digital signage and displays in the Administration Department

Digital screens will be useful if located near administrator offices. Now and then administration persons have to co-ordinate with school staff members, sometimes they need to travel to places for specific information. You can display content near this department like Counselor office hours, available appointments, information for parents and visitors, school honors, and achievements.

Canteens or Cafeteria

During break time all students gather in cafeterias due to limited menus fewer students can order their food it is quite a time-consuming and traditional method. Instead, place digital menu boards so that every student can look menu at the same time, which costs less time, in an efficient and organized way. Moreover, you can also display healthy tips, nutritional meals, or combo offers.

Digital signage display in Hallways and Common Areas

Most of the time, pupils, faculty members, and visitors will pass through the common lobby, and their lcd digital signage will be used the most, displaying time, date, day, weather forecast, fun facts, riddles, safety instructions, guides for behavior, and many more. Update content every day with the help of a single console that controls all screens.

Innovative Ideas For Great Content

  • Maps and way-finding for visitors
  • Motivational lines
  • Fun facts
  • Riddles
  • Important notices
  • Announcements
  • School initiatives
  • Tests, exams timings and date
  • Student achievements wall


In a nutshell, get started with Escreen for efficient, flawless, and performance-oriented LED digital signage services. Also effective tips and advice for locating digital signage advertising.

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