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Benefits Of Using Digital Signage In Education Sector

Digital signageis an electronically displayed content on digital screens that are widely used for the purpose of advertising by all the small to big businesses. It is used for attracting a huge number of potential customers towards your business. Apart from retail, airports, restaurants and other forms of commercial sector and businesses it is also very widely used in the college, universities and school campuses. Digital signage in education increases the learning abilities and knowledge of the students and school going children. The digital signage are so highly engaging and immersive that it keeps the students interested in studies for hours. It increases the focus and confidence of the children and also makes the whole process of learning fun and interesting.

Digital signage was first introduced in the airlines industry and then it gradually taken over the other industries. Digital signage is an effective technique to keep the customers engaged for long and can easily grab the attention of the people. Since children easily gets distracted and have low focus and concentration they need to be introduced to the digital signage platform. It can broaden horizon of the education sector and offer the best experience to the guests, clients, students, staff etc. This can improve the education service by increasing engagement, infrastructure and enhance the reputation of the school.

In the following blog, we shall highlight and discuss school digital signage, the creative ways to use school digital signage and impact of using digital signage in schools.

Digital Signage For Schools And Educational Institutes

Studying for examinations and tests requires a good concentration and focus on the part of students and children. Usually they find it very hard to study for such long hours so digital signage is used for keeping the students more engaged during their classroom lessons and lectures. As the technology is getting advanced we are seeing a sudden transformation also in the education sector.

Students are no more fascinated and interested in the old school technique and methods of teaching and learning. They want to get an access to information and school lessons quickly on their digital screens. Any important school notes, lessons, posters, school notices are all outdated form of display of information to the students. These traditional signage been easily replaced by the digital signage content that attracts and engages the students for long number of hours. Digital signage content is not only meant for the students but also for the staff and other campus guests. This digitally created content is less expensive in comparison to the traditional signage as it requires an initial investment and the content can be updated time and again. Schools can introduce learning apps to the students so that it helps them to learn fast and also this is customizable, dynamic and are more immersive.

Creative Ways To Use School Digital Signage

Digital signage in itself does not serve any purpose as content is the main thing that attracts a pool of customers or public. What content is displayed on screen makes all the difference and it only help in delivering value and maximum return on investment.

Some of the most creative ways to use digital signage in the schools :-

Welcome New Students, Teachers or Staff

Digital signage can be used in the schools to welcome the new students or staff members or teachers who have recently joined the school, college or university. Digital signage is a great to break the ice between the different people working in the school. The other old students and staff also gets to know the names of news student and teacher that helps in assisting in starting conversation directly.

Display Social Media Walls

The digital signage can be used in schools to attract the students with it’s colorful display and social media wall playlist. Several playlists can run on your digital signage that can make your screen active and appealing to the eyes of students. Social media walls are socially interactive walls that keeps the students interested in their studies. The social media content can be displayed with the beautiful and attractive themes and designs. You can also use hashtags and mention posts that are created by the students and can tag school or respective education institute.

Easy Navigation And Wayfinding for Visitors

School digital signage can be very helpful when it comes to finding the right way to a particular classroom or for reaching a place in the school premises. These digital signage can be used as way finding that directs the direction to the visitors, guests and parents of the students. The display navigation maps marks all the important areas of the school like the classrooms, canteen, library, laboratories, sports ground etc. Instead of roaming around clueless in school premise the digital signage shall direct you to the right destination.

Display Important Notice, Bulletin or Information

The digital signage can be used for displaying the digital notice board or bulletin with important message or information and can also be updated from time to time. The digital screen is much more effective instead of wooden notice board. Shifting to a digital signage shall entice the students to read attentively. Even a bulk of information can be displayed on the digital screens as it can be easily updated on a single screen. Any code of conduct, school guidelines, events, notice can be displayed in an organized manner and on time.

Announce Events, Functions or Special Occasion

Digital signage in schools and colleges can be used for making any announcements regarding any events, activities, celebration, functions, occasion and competitions etc. This can strategically replace the traditional hand written or printed signage that includes making announcements through flyers, paper cards, emails etc. Digital signage displays the information through creative images, videos or a mix of both. This grabs the attention of the students towards the event.

Displaying Timetables and Schedules

Digital signage used in the schools can be very helpful for the students as they can check the time tables and exam schedules on the screens directly. Students will not have to open the website or check messages shared by the school. Many students gets confused with the dates and subjects so displaying information related to their timetable or school schedule or exam dates can be helpful for the students.

Motivational Quotes To Inspire Students

School digital signage can display motivational and inspiring quotes that can create positivity in the school premises. Any inspirational quotes from the popular personalities, leaders and icons shall inspire and instill values in the students. This shall encourage the students to work harder for their goal and develop their cognitive minds. The quotes can be schedule and displayed on the digital signage on a regular and daily basis.

Build School Reputation And Values

Digital signages can be used to promote the school and college values with your students. Schools can display the vision, mission, values, social welfare work with the students. It definitely helps in reflecting the core values and reputation of the school.

Display Students Creativity And Innovation

Another effective use of digital signage in schools can be effective integration of student-generated content into the screen. The students who are creative to build sci-models, projects, crafts work and paintings that can be displayed on the digital screens. It builds confidence and encourages students to keep on working harder. It helps in promoting their academics and non-academics achievements with other students and teachers. The digital signage can display the innovative ideas and creativity and graphic designing skills of the students.

Displaying Emergency Alerts

The school digital signage has a significant impact on the students security. During any emergency situation the digital signage displays can be used for alarming or alerting the people working in the school. Any student health messages or emergency alert messages can be displayed on the digital screens that can effectively facilitate communication.

Brain Teasers and Quizzes

Any type of quizzes, mathematical game teasers, GK and brain teasers are brain storming games that helps the students to remain engaged. It enhances the cognitive ability of the students. These can be displayed on the digital signage that boosts the mental ability of children.

Classroom lessons

Digital signage can help in coordinating with all the important academic activities like the classwork, lectures or assignments. Teachers can develop the teaching materials through digital signage tools and other learning kits. When the video lectures are coupled with animations and graphics it enhances the learning structure for the students. This promotes a holistic understanding of different subjects.

Impact Of Using Digital Signage In Schools

  1. Help Students Find Relevant Information On Wall
    When the students uses the digital signage in schools they are exposed to any new information on a daily basis. When any information is sent across through an e-mail the students might ignore the information which leaves school with no option but rather choose an interactive method to communicate any information with the students. Digital signage offers creative and innovative information that can easily grab attention of the students. It helps the students to prioritize their content that needs to be schedule accordingly and this leaves you constantly update information.
  2. Increase Digital Communication And Understanding
    The digital signage for schools has a positive impact on the mind and personality of the students. The small children learns to read and retrieve information on their own from the digital screen. They learn to comprehend information on their own. This builds a better understanding in the students and makes them more conversant with the idea of absorbing information in digitized format.
  3. Boosts Students Engagement
    Digital signages shall boost the students engagement as they are built around the visual content. It grabs the attention of the students due to the colorful and highly engaging content. It encourages students to participate in educational programs, extra-curricular activities and reminds on several occasions or functions that are organized in the school. This improves an overall learning experience of students by promoting a collaborative attitude.
  4. Digitize Your School Infrastructure
    When installing digital signage within the school premises it definitely transforms the infrastructure of the school. Displaying the digital screens throughout the educational system that enhances the digitization of your school or college. This adds digital attributes to your school which increases your hospitality level.


Digital signage has rightly promoted digital learning that has broadened the horizon of learning and is not restricted at all. An interactive software is used for learning lessons and gaining internet based information and has transformed the educational experience. This has not only benefitted students but also the teachers as they can provide an immediate feedback in many cases and helps them to meet the learning needs of the children. Digital learning can be done at any place and at any point of time. Digital learning has an advantage as it enhances the cognitive ability and creativity skills of the students and enables them to be confident about themselves. Digital signage based learning allows the students to learn at their own pace and they can learn from their own comfort zone. It ensures a progress of the child and no student lacks behind as a result of missing any class as the lessons can now be conveniently covered later on screen.

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