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Digital Signage Utilization in Healthcare Facilities

There are many industries in the world like : Food, telecommunication, transport, agriculture, construction and many more. In all industries, we can use signage display to promote products or services but in healthcare industries digital signage aim is different. In hospitals and other healthcare facilities complicated situations and the whole hospital environment are disturbing so digital signage screens could be used for better comfortable environment. To entertain patients and family members. Below there is list of places/location where digital screens can be installed in healthcare units.

Patient’s Rooms

There is already television in room but we can introduce new channel in television which will display meals choices, TV shows timings, tips for better health, games to enjoy with family members, other relevant information which patients desires. Almost patients are angry and anxious so it is crucial to change their mood which is beneficial for their health as well.

Donor Recognition Wall

It is important to display list of donor names and their contribution towards hospitals. Make a separate digital screen wall especially for donor’s role in healthcare industries. Fully automatic and easily update, simple use and great impact. You can place this wall in hall or lobby of hospitals to encourage passers-by to contribute something financially or physically to hospitals. It also motivates current donors to contribute more and feel proud to be on Donor Recognition Walls.

Doctor and Staff Meeting rooms

Often doctors and nurses needs to conduct/attend meetings to discuss critical cases or take some important decisions so there digital screens will be helpful, to display specific images or videos beneficial to understand patient cases properly avoiding confusions. Display exact timings of operation, room number, amount of surgeons, nurses required.

Casualty Department

During any emergency/accident, there is no time for detailed communication between doctors and patient’s family members so their digital screens could be helpful, displaying the charge of the emergency department, specific information, rules, and procedures. Other relevant information can be displayed to increase productivity, efficiency and avoid mistakes or confusion.

Waiting Area

In hospitals, firstly, family members have to wait for several hours as operations take time, and important decisions are to be made by doctors before operating patients. Secondly, visitors have to wait to meet doctors or patients who are anxious and exhausted so by displaying interesting content on screens you can distract them. Also present weather forecast info, healthy tips, perfect diet according to weight, news, and entertaining shows.

Hospital Cafeteria

Many times visitors and family members get bored waiting or sitting in rooms, they might be urged to eat something so they will visit the cafeteria/hospital canteen. You can display digital menu boards just above ordering stations so that eaters can take a quick look at current offers and combos.

Benefits of digital signage display for the Hospital Industry.

  • Great patient and visitor experience
  • Tips and Advice for better health
  • Exhibit infrastructure and facilities
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Ease guidance
  • Internal communication
  • Organised information
  • Highlight awareness
  • Promotes your service
  • Motivates people to donate more
  • Comfortable environment
  • Increase efficiency in emergency wards
  • Quick, flawless meetings

All in all, interactive digital signage for hospital is beneficial for the healthcare industry, make sure to avail digital signage services from Escreen.

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