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Benefits of Digital Signage for Manufacturing!

The manufacturing industry has millions of jobs and hires a number of employees in production units. Employees in these manufacturing units work on every shift and have long working hours. The plant floors are usually dangerous, with a risky environment and loud noise, so safety signs are incorporated at different locations. In situations with long working hours and high-risk zones, it’s crucial to keep the workers highly engaged at their workplace.

When employers neglect the well-being and concerns of workers or employees, it results in low morale, high turnover, and a rapid decline in productivity. Digital signage turns out to be an asset for the employees or workers working in such manufacturing units. In the following blog, we will focus on and discuss how to place digital signage inside a manufacturing unit to enhance the quality of work and explore the benefits of digital signage in the manufacturing unit.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic signage that uses the latest technologies to display digitally created content. Such content can be moving images, videos, graphics, animations, and texts with protruding colors that make it attractive for the viewers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Digital signage brings life to the commercial environment. The delivery of custom-designed important messages catches the attention of consumers and enhances the customer experience. In manufacturing units, digital signage is used to display important safety procedures, safety signs, messages, and other relevant information related to the staff.

Why Digital Signboard for manufacturing Has Become So Important?

Digital signage is the only effective solution to connect with customers and increase sales and revenue. There are touchscreens and interactive screens that helps to draw the attention of customers and improve the shopping experience. This digital signage allows you to make the environment more engaging and supportive for the customers or employees working in the organization. Most industries are adopting the expanding benefits of digital signage. This is why businesses are getting more inclined towards the latest technologies. Signage software blends with physical locations to deliver the message across the unit or facility.

Where To Place Digital Signage In Manufacturing Facility?

Digital signage is very important for most of the businesses around the globe. Therefore, selecting the best digital display screens and location is very important as it decides the profit and revenue of the business. For locating the digital signs one needs to be very careful and must have some considerable strategic considerations. Some of the most important factors you must consider before deciding to install screens at locations and they are :-

1. Interior Walls

With an increasing number of staff in the manufacturing units there is a rising demand for installing digital signage. The most common place for placing digital signage in a manufacturing unit is in the interior walls. Flush the screens flat against a surface or position them to face the viewers at an angle. Place the digital signage in high-traffic areas to maximize awareness amongst the staff.

2. On Factory Floor

Place digital signage on the floor using digital kiosks or freestanding displays. Place digital signage in high-risk areas and near stairs to increase visibility and engagement.

3. Break Rooms

Whenever the workers takes lunch break or rest from work they sit in the break rooms. The workers can see the signage placed in such break rooms during the lunch hours. Digital signage captures much attention of the workers when they are at ease or leisure.

4. Outside Conference Rooms

Grab employees’ attention when attending meetings in conference rooms by placing digital signs outside such meeting rooms. Digital signage can display emergency alert messages, weather updates, news, staff information, event listing, safety procedures etc.

5. Waiting Areas

Digital screens are often placed in spots where customers experience downtime such lobbies and waiting areas. The content length on these screens should ideally match the average wait time of the audience.

6. Employee Areas

Businesses don’t always use digital screens for customers. Use them to inform, engage, and motivate employees in break rooms and workspaces.

7. Lobby

Keeping or placing digital signage in the lobby areas grabs the attention of the passers-by and other staff. It attracts the attention of the regular guests and even visitors.

Benefits of Digital Signage In Manufacturing Facility

1. Increased Productivity

Digital signage is used for displaying real-time metrics and track key performance indicators (KPIs). The production management information is displayed on the digital content platform allowing the employees to monitor workflows and reduces waste and promotes LEAN workplace.

2. Engaged Staff

The digital signage offers employers an opportunity to highly engage all staff throughout the facility that includes the production floor and other high traffic areas. use digital signage to recognize the workers and teams for meeting goals and for creating an inclusive work environment by considering the contribution of each person.

3. Improved Workplace Safety

Workplace accidents are very common in manufacturing units factories and other high-risk working zones. Digital signage is used for communicating important safety information which helps in limiting any workplace injuries or accidents. The digital signage displays important safety instructions, safety signs, protective equipment, urgent or emergency messages related to health hazards, safety tips, and evacuation plans. This health-related information is displayed through digital signage that reaches the employees in no time. Digital screens can also display other information such as health screenings, flu shots, and other benefits.

4. Enhanced Corporate Communications

Communication in a manufacturing unit or environment differs than the other organizations and offices. Since workers do not have an access to e-mails or other mode of communication. The HR and other teams use digital signage to display information for company events and to share corporate headlines. Visual communication, used for reinforcing training, policies, and procedures, has a high retention rate.

5. Streamlined Internal Applications

A digital content management system(DCMS) is used for displaying any information by integrating with production management software and back-end systems. It displays line metrics and manages the schedules and tasks. The manufacturing units can incorporate way finding that creates better user experience and increases employee satisfaction.