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How To Use Digital Signage In Real Estate?

Most of the digital signages are majorly used for the purpose of sales and bringing in a large pool of customers. We have been seeing large signboards being hung in front of the shop’s main gate for many decades. These traditional hand-written or printed signages have been strategically replaced by digital signage. These digital signs can be used for the real estate where people need to sell their houses and these signs are placed in the high-traffic areas to ensure a bigger impact. The real-estate business can use digital signage for marketing purposes.

Digital signages are used successfully in retail, offices, schools, restaurants, banks, airports, and malls to attract a large number of customers and employees. Digital signages are electronic signage that uses advanced technologies such as LCD monitors, LED screens, and projections that display highly engaging content in the form of digital images, videos, animation, graphics, and colorful texts. In the following blog, we shall discuss the different ways through which digital signage can be used in real estate and the benefits of using digital signage in real estate.

Ways To Use Digital Signage In Real Estate

  1. Display property listings in an attractive way
    Digital signage in real estate can be used for displaying property listings in an appealing way. The agencies can use digital signs to rotate listings and more images per listing to make each property stand out. The offices can use an entire wall as a display instead of using tiny written texts and grainy pictures as the signage.
  2. Display current housing trends and statistics
    Digital signs are used in the real estate offices that display charts, graphs, videos, and infographics that are used for displaying useful information related to the housing market. Displaying the latest trends in the local housing market shall motivate potential buyers to buy the property. Every type of demographics can be displayed on the charts in order to grab the attention of the people. These house trends and demographics can all be displayed on the digital signage for real estate.
  3. Display virtual home tours
    Digital signage can be used for attracting potential buyers of homes through the proper digital display of virtual home tours. The digital signage is used for any virtual open houses and proper presentation of a collection of photographs that are displayed in a slideshow through interactive 3D tours.
  4. Showcase the neighborhood
    These digital signs can be used for displaying the local neighborhood which allows them to make all the buying decisions. The digital signage can be sued for showcasing the neighborhood where the school area is shown, parks and trails in the local area, community halls for events, a calendar of local community events, shopping centers, etc.
  5. Show a Point of Interest (POI) map
    Displaying the map that shows the immediate area that shall help home buyers to visualize life in a specific property. A basic layout of the area in the form of a map can highlight the space of restaurants, parks, schools, and other amenities in the area. Different colors and text fonts can be used for displaying the rise and fall of prices in each neighborhood. Different colors can highlight the different public spaces or points of interest for the public.
  6. Share Open House And Other Event Schedules
    Digital signage is used in the real estate industry that displays open house dates and other events that are both easy to read and comprehend. These digital signages are used every few weeks when they try to print schedules too far in advance. It renders them inaccurate data when last-minute changes shuffle around the dates.
  7. Generate interest with testimonials
    The power of client testimonial is undisputed and its effect varies that depends upon the delivery of the content. Any type of video and written testimonials are used for displaying in the digital signage. The digital signs can be integrated with other social media accounts that use customer testimonials which are the most effective way of content marketing. Video testimonials are best shared with the public through digital signage.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage in the Real Estate Industry

Digital signage in the real estate industry allows you to display important information that can rightly attract potential buyers. As a real estate agent, your job is to cut through all that noise and that may ensure listings are seen by the potential buyers. Digital signage in the real estate industry is a great way to attract customers or buyers to your real-estate business.
These are some of the benefits of using digital signage in the real estate industry and they are:-

  1. Earn the Confidence of Your Clients
    When you install digital signage kiosks right in front of the brokerage office or realty office that can effectively grab the attention of anyone who might be interested in purchasing or renting a house. Digital signage can easily grab the attention of the maximum number of people as more eyes are focused on the listings. It creates higher chances of getting more offers and making a sale. This shall help in gaining the confidence of the clients that helps in selling the property for them.
  2. Team Building Confidence
    Digital signage kiosks used in the realty office can give a chance to leave positive feedback and comments on listings. When the passers-by see this positive feedback which is displayed on the digital signage then it may attract more potential buyers that can give colleagues the much-needed confidence in your capabilities.
  3. Stand Out from Competitors
    Real estate is a highly competitive industry where there are multiple agents that try to monopolize the high demanding areas. These areas have a lot to offer in terms of amenities and good quality homes or buildings. These advertisements have a lot to offer to their competitors because it demonstrates the modern communicative edge that buyers are actually looking for.
  4. Display and Update Listings in Real-Time
    Digital signage platforms offer the advantage of being able to update listings in real-time. These platforms can be linked to a variety of online forums and websites so that they remain updated at the same time to maintain consistency across the board.
  5. Improve Engagement and Interest
    Digital signage is used for capturing the attention of the people and as a result it should be highly attractive to grab the eyeballs of the passers-by. You must use the stunning, colorful, and highly attractive pictures of the property to clearly draw the attention of the potential buyers. After trying to capture their attention you can give a virtual tour of the property that enables you to invite them to an open house event. It encourages direct contact if the buyers have any standard queries.


There are many real estate agencies who are trying really hard to grab the attention of the people or potential buyers through attractive digital signage content. They have started using the digital signs in place of hand-written printouts for putting up “Sale” signs that help in engaging the screens and attracting buyers through sophisticated digital content. Digital signage in real estate can be used in the form of property advertisements, wayfinding, promotions, social media feeds, area guide, or general news.

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