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Role Of Digital Signage In Growth Of Smart Cities!

More than half of the population in the world is staying in the bigger cities which are technologically advanced and are transforming the lives of the general public. The urban spaces have changed due to role of digital signage and are well-equipped with digital solutions and advanced technologies. Smart cities have digital solutions for your parking spaces, traffic control, streetlights with traffic situation analytics and city digital signage solution for displaying any community information, finding maps, emergency alerts, entertainment news or any commercial advertising etc. Installation of the outdoor signage is on the rise in the past few years and is eventually gaining popularity in recent years. There is a sudden rise of the outdoor advertising displays sales that is attracting a large number of people ever since the digital signage has been introduced. A sudden rise of technological development and the way it shall interact with the surrounding world around us is the call of the hour.

In the following blog, we shall highlight and discuss the ways digital signage are used in smart cities and how digital signage can improve the smart cities growth.

Ways Digital Signage Are Used In Smart Cities

  1. Enhances Communication Channels
    In recent era, we have very fast paced technologies that not only enhances your life but also takes care of your entertainment needs. The bigger cities have been taken over by smart technology that has transformed the lives of the people. The highly attention grabbing digital display screens can be installed all over the city to display important information regarding traffic signals and commercial sales displays etc. Whenever there is any event that needs to be conducted installation of the digital signage is the most viable and affordable way to grab the attention of the people. While posters, bill boards and banners are expensive and can not be customized according to the choice of organizers and authorities. When it comes to digital signage it saves cost, money, time, resources, cost of labor and materials that makes it very easy for the teams in terms of affordability.
    Digital signage are effective tool for enhancing the communication channels between the public and the authorities. The public can be informed about the new laws and regulations, policies and other important information like punishments or fines for breaching different traffic rules. When there are digital screens all around the city the majority of the people in the city remains informed within a few hours. Digitals screens should be able to display any announcements or information in absolute real-time.
  2. Effective Emergency Service Display
    The smart cities needs to be effectively managed and kept safe with display of different emergency services. Smart technology makes work easy and efficient that keeps the resident of the cities secured and safe. Digital signage is used for communicating residents about any emergency or dangerous situation and also displays warning alerts. In urban spaces all buildings are constructed together and roads are usually congested that might create any fire or other emergency situation. Any restricted mobility or accessibility can cause higher fire and natural calamity damage risks in urban areas. The digital screens are used for warning the locals in case of any emergency situation and makes them aware of all the affected areas that they must avoid in such situations. Any of the effective emergency services can be displayed on digital screens that offers good amount of time and space to combat any emergency situation.
  3. Benefits Advertisers And Brands
    The digital screens or digital signage in cities can be used as interactive kiosks that can reach out to a larger audience. The advertisers and brands can easily combine the small smart display screens and marketing data that can make your brand easily reach audience with an effective message. Digital screens can be controlled, modified and updated that benefits advertisers and brands to the greatest possible extent. Highly dynamic and engaging digital advertising can be set up for a large audience or customize the messages that targets the specific groups. All the customizable digital signs are used for displaying popular sales items, sales and profits. Digital signage promotes the advertising of the different brands and sales.
  4. Better Transport Facilities
    The digital signage solution can definitely improve the transport facilities within smart cities. When we incorporate any smart city technology it enables us to share any live locations of buses and trains. Digital signs also displays the status of the various transport facilities such as different bus and trains and indicates the departure and arrival time. Display of departure time makes passengers perceive less waiting times that reduces their frustration while waiting. The airports and city marinas are ones which are benefitted the highest through these digital signage solution. If buses can indicate their exact location this may be seen as a sign of customer satisfaction.
  5. Generate Ad Revenue to the City
    As we install well-defined technology into the cities it makes the cities smarter. Most of the smart city technology installations such as the software, signage network, outdoor digital signage and machine learning ensures an effective and smooth functioning. Running advertisements on the digital signage platform can generate high amount of revenue for local authorities through different opportunities.

How Digital Signage Improves Growth Of Smart Cities?

  1. Providing Real-Time Information Keeps People Updated
    The smart city uses the various latest technologies and digital signage tools that displays the real-time information to people. s keeps the people highly engaged with displayed content that helps cities to provide important information in real-time. Display of weather alerts, navigation, perceived waiting time, social awareness messages, marketing message and much more can engage the people in the most effective ways. Such signages can be used in the public spaces in the urban spaces such as the museums, parks, forest preserves, historical landmarks, grounds etc. The real-time information displays keeps the public aware of any situation and updated.
  2. Energy-efficient technology, environment-friendly
    The use of digital signage solution is very effective, energy-efficient and helpful in delivering solution that is energy efficient. Mostly the digital signage these days are well-equipped with LCD technology that are energy-efficient, saves money and makes the smart cities and businesses grow digitally. The digital signage is highly-customizable and environment friendly which save resources and time both. Any digital signage have sunlight readability and less power consumption that saves energy and also makes energy efficient. In smart cities it is very important to save energy and make it environment-friendly and is also sustainable by nature.
  3. Improves Travel Experience
    Digital signage is essential for every public transportation service that helps in improving the travel experience by providing navigation and real-time schedule updates and much more. There are many digital signage displays that are available for buses, trains at the stations that displays the real-time status of transport that may include it’s timings, departure, arrival or any delay. This helps travelers or passengers to plan way in advance their travel schedule that causes less frustration as they can perceive less waiting times. This improves an overall travel experience of the people within the smart cities.
  4. Improves Quality of Life
    Smart cities uses the energy-efficient digital signage technology that makes our urban spaces a nice and suitable place to live. Smart cities delivers high efficiency, safety and better services as they have digital signage that allows the businesses to deliver better services to large number of people. An outdoor digital signage and other signage trends in our urban spaces have transformed the lives of the people. The digital signage is responsible for engaging the customers for a longer period of time and is user-friendly and accessible at the same time. Improvement in the environmental impact of screens mean that adopting digital signage can be good for business as well as the planet. Digital signage is cost-effective, future ready and delivers high ROI for many future years to come.
  5. Ensures People Security
    The outdoor displays in the smart cities has become an important source of information during all the seasons. Digital signage can be turned into something meaningful to meet the commercial needs at all times. By using digital signage the authorities can give all sorts of alert messages to the people within few minutes that keeps the people highly secured. Digital signage shall take over every other technology in the future in the time of the crisis.
  6. Delivers Better Services
    Self-service digital signage has become very common that uses touchscreen kiosks that are used for delivering the most effective customer service. Use interactive way finding kiosks, window retail touch screens and self ordering drive through displays.


Adopting the concept of smart cities is a great idea that has been rising from the past few decades. The software improvements, digital screens and other related technologies like IoT are connected to each other and delivers the best service to the people which are highly welcomed into smart cities. Most of the smart cities have embraced the smart technologies that betters and enhances the urban life. The digital signage requires only an initial investment and it is very cost-effective digital signage solution that outweigh the costs.

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