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Escreen got software recognition from a leading b2b platform

Our digital display software, Escreen, recently won a special award because it’s really good! The award is for having great product quality and services, and it comes from a top B2B software review place.

Finances Online, a top software platform, honored Escreen with a Rising Star Award. This award acknowledges our product’s rapid user base growth, increasing popularity, and top-notch digital signage software. Newer marketing software brands gaining market recognition quickly receive this award.

Finances Online noticed high user satisfaction through positive feedback and social mentions, among other indicators. They looked at Escreen a lot and saw that it has awesome stuff to help bosses do a great job with digital signs. They also evaluated our customer representatives and deemed our support agents responsive and knowledgeable.

Reviews of Marketing Software Escreen:

The review experts praised our platform’s naturalness and flexibility as a smart digital signage software in their assessment. Among the Escreen features they commended are its straightforward interface, cloud availability, and content creation and scheduling.

The report noted that the signage software interface is easy to use. Users can easily navigate through projects, edit content, and use free, professionally designed templates, videos, and images. Reviewers emphasized that organizations in various industries, like hospitality, retail, restaurants, and manufacturing, can use the digital bulletin board software. They highlighted how digital signage can educate and engage employees and consumers by showing current and right content on screens

Besides the interface, Finances Online’s software review also mentioned the platform’s cloud availability. The solution allows you to access multiple digital screens and content from any location with cloud computing. Hence, you can turn off and save the screen power of your signages during off hours. In addition, it lets you remotely manage and control your digital signages through your mobile phone and digital screen software.

Their review also acknowledged Escreen’s content creation and scheduling features. Businesses can readily create and publish content such as advertisements, updates, announcements, and promotions at the exact time. Otherwise, you can schedule your content and allow the electronic bulletin board software to do the rest.

Global Digital signage market

A study forecasts the global digital signage market to grow by 7.7% from 2022 to 2030. Since there’s a revolution of digitized products, it follows that the demand for digital signage will increase. With its unique features and capabilities, Escreen is becoming one of the most well-known digital signage SAAS platforms. 

These outstanding features merited Escreen’s inclusion in Finances Online’s best user experience software products. Escreen wants to thank Finances Online for the valuable industry award. Getting praise from top organizations like this motivates us to improve our premium marketing software. We’ll continue enhancing our digital signage app for smart TVs, Windows, Android, iOS, and other platforms

We also wish to genuinely thank our loyal user base, who have trusted us with their digital signage needs. Be sure, that we’ll continue offering amazing digital signage services and adding more features to improve your general experience and satisfaction with our solution. We look forward to more decades of collaboration and assisting you in maximizing your marketing efforts.