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Escreen Earns Digital Signage Solution Recognition From Leading SaaS Software Comparison Site

Escreen is proud to announce that a leading SaaS software comparison platform granted our digital signage solution an industry award. This designation is a confirmation of our continued growth to becoming one of the top providers in the market.

CompareCamp, a leading software directory globally, has awarded Escreen a Rising Star Award. This honor is bestowed on relatively new software products that have shown merit in a short span of time.

A close look at user feedback, social media mentions, and more reveals that Escreen is a great choice for businesses. CompareCamp’s expert reviewers also conducted a comprehensive Escreen review citing solid features to help businesses of all sizes to succeed.

Escreen Digital Signage
Escreen Digital Signage Solutions

At CompareCamp, they’re all about finding the best software out there—and they liked our signage platform’s suite of features. From rigorous tests conducted, they found Escreen’s scheduling, creating, and controlling of content were great. Plus, they were especially impressed by our software’s ability to create and manage content as well as its device support.

The review mentions the variety of content our solution supports, including promotions and menu boards. The experts also highlighted our feature that lets you store and manage digital assets in the cloud. It displays content in 1080p Full HD and can deploy to any device via HDMI input, so it’s easy on the eyes!

Additionally, the reviewers mentioned that the platform provides actionable analytics and reports that offer insights into your content’s performance. Unlock the power of your content by adding new users to the platform for collaboration. Plus, it comes with 24/5 customer support if you have any issues.

Most businesses find it difficult to produce content that stands out and drives results. According to the review, Escreen helps you take control of your content strategy. With features like scheduling and device targeting, you can make sure your content is seen by the right people at the right time. You’ll also be able to produce better content faster and more easily than ever before. And with reports and analytics, you can track your progress and make changes to improve your results. 

In addition, Escreen’s cloud-based device support means you can access screens and content anytime, anywhere. Plus, it supports display on a range of devices, from TVs to mobiles. The reviewers at CompareCamp also liked how Escreen works with iOS and Android as well as Windows, macOS, Samsung SmartTV, Apple TV, and LG Smart TV. This means your event viewers will always have a great experience, no matter what screen they’re using.

Thank you, CompareCamp! We’re honored to be recognized as a top digital signage solution in the industry. It’s a pleasure to provide our customers with memorable experiences. And we look forward to continuously innovating to come up with the best tools possible.

A big thank you also goes out to all of the businesses who trust us with their digital signage solution needs. We’ve made a lot of improvements over time and we hope your business is better because of them! Thank you for your continued support, you’re all amazing!

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