Digital Signage Security for Your Business

The robust features of escreen security ensure the protection of sensitive data and the integrity of content. With end-to-end encryption, secure login protocols, and role-based access control, the software safeguards against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Escreen Security Features


Two Step Verification

Our escreen security has two step verification adds layer of security to users account and password. They need to login with generated code displaying in phone and password to keep account secured from theft.

Secure IP Address

Installing VPN helps securing your IP address and allows no outsiders from accessing your account from different IP address so you can hide your location and privacy and can protect yourself from cyberattacks.

Access Restrict to Users

Access to users is restricted by the subscription plan. We customize the access to content and screens by the other users.

Escreen Security for hardware


Secure Escreen Player

Our expert team is dedicated towards providing you with secured solutions for protecting valuable data. We affirm to follow the security protocols for data protection and ensure meeting of requirements.

Secure Data Storage

Ensuring data security, information and integrity by not allowing any outsiders to access to your media files or information. Such files are usually password , user name and medias

Limited Access to Player

Player can be accessed only by the admin, authorized or invited users thereby restricting access to any outsider to content. Such user access to the player is primarily controlled by the admin himself on the basis of the subscription plan bought by the main user.

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