Escreen Hardware Support

eScreen hardware support provides a digital signage solution that supports a wide range of hardware platforms. It offers a downloadable APK for Android devices and is also compatible with Windows and iOS. Our app has a very smooth interface that is compatible with any device.


Experience a whole new level of versatility with our digital signage software, providing full compatibility with Android phones and tablets of any make or model. Escreen supports every model of Android without any problem and we provide updates to our users time to time. With features like remote management, scheduling, and multi-format support, these apps maximize the potential of the digital signage hardware.


Unlock the true capabilities of your iPhone or iPad with our exceptional digital signage software, specifically tailored to support all hardware configurations.  Enjoy a top quality experience of our app in all of your iOS devices. They ensure smooth operation, high-definition display, and interactive features, thereby enhancing the impact of digital signage communication.


Discover limitless possibilities with our feature-rich digital signage software, designed to adapt seamlessly to Microsoft laptops and computers, empowering your message to reach its full potential. Escreen is doing a great job when it comes to provide a smooth experience to our users.